Best Things To Pawn To Get Quick Cash

Looking for some quick cash? Perhaps a pawn shop could be your way to go. A pawn shop is a place where you can sell items that you no longer use or maybe wish to discard. You can also mortgage certain essential items in exchange for a loan from local pawn shops. No doubt, you can get a loan from a bank, but the loan sanction and processing process are very long and time-consuming. Hence, it’s better to pawn for quick cash. 

What items can you pawn?

Pawn shops buy almost any kind of item. From musical instruments to precious metals, you can sell or pawn anything to a pawn broker in exchange for money. 

While there are a plethora of items that you can bring to a pawn shop, remember every item has a different value. Some items can fetch you great money, but certain items might not get you the deal that you’d expected. The loan amount or cash that a pawn store offers depends on the value or worth of the item.

Here are some factors that determine the value of the item that you want to pawn.

  • The item should be in great shape.
  • The item should have a high reselling value. 
  • The popularity or usage of items.
  • If the item has some historical and cultural value.

Some high-demand pawn items:

  1. Jewelry-
Pawn Shop Jewelry

Pawn shops accept almost all kinds of jewelry made of gold, silver, or other precious metals. They even take broken jewelry and scrap gold. From a diamond ring to a platinum engagement ring, you can get top dollar for any jewelry that you would like to pawn. 

The higher the grams of gold, the more value you can get in return. But before you go to a local pawn shop, it’s better to get your jewelry appraised to get a better deal.

Gold, silver, and platinum are precious metals that can fetch you cash quickly. Pawn shops give the most money for jewelry as they earn huge profits by extracting scrap metal from old jewelry or by simply reselling it.

  1. Rare coins-
Rare Coins

If you are in need of money and have a great collection of coins, you will probably get a great value because of the historical/cultural importance of these small metal circles. 

Pawn shops really appreciate and value items that have been an important part of history, often regardless of which country or culture. 

  1. Firearms-
Pawnshop Firearms

If you’ve got an old gun that was used in a war or during the freedom struggle and belonged to a great, celebrated, and known leader, and you’re in dire need of money, firearms could be your savior. 

Even if you own a new firearm with new inbuilt technology or features, you still can sell it or keep it as collateral with the pawn broker in return for a loan. 

Note that some strict rules and regulations are set by the financial institutions that pawn shops are expected to follow for providing a cash loan in exchange for firearms. Hence, getting guns sold or mortgaged isn’t that easy.

  1. Smart devices-

Smart devices like smartphones, smartwatches, smart televisions, tablets, refrigerators, smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cars, etc., can fetch you far more money than you can imagine. 

  1. Handbags-

If you have a good collection of high-value, fashionable, branded, and designer handbags and want quick money, then visit a pawn shop near you today. 

Handbags from luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Charles, and Keith, or Chanel are highly renowned, carried by celebrities worldwide, and offer a high resale value because of their huge demand in the market. Such branded bags are made using top-quality materials by experienced and top designers, and hence you can consider selling them to get more cash into your pockets.

  1. Power tools-
Pawn Shop Power Tools

If you possess power tools like a riding lawn mower, power drill, chainsaw, sander, nailer, or grinder, and some functional car batteries that are just gathering dust in your garage, then instead of piling them at home, you can sell them to pawn brokers. 

Mechanics and carpenters prefer buying power tools and yard equipment from local pawnshops rather than from a retailer because they get these items at a fair price. Thus, if these power tools are in good and functional condition, you can get great value for these items. 

  1. Sporting equipment-
Golf Clubs

Sporting equipment includes apparel, materials, tools, and gear that are used to play sports. For example, gloves, helmets, t-shirts, and pads, are things you can pawn. Golf clubs are commonly pawned items that can get you an accurate value on used clubs.

  1. Musical Instruments-
Pawn Shop Drum Set

Musical instruments like guitar, saxophone, piano, drums, and keyboards, are items that are always in demand by newbie musicians. These instruments cost a bomb, and hence many people prefer buying them from pawnshops as they charge fairly less price than actual music instrument dealers. 

What are the benefits of pawning or selling items to pawn brokers?

1. You can fetch money.

There are many reasons and occasions when you’re in dire need of cash. For instance, you may want to pay your child’s school fees and pay due electricity bills or hospital bills. In such situations, you may not have enough time or strength to go to the bank and ask for a small loan or request any friend or relative to lend you money. 

You may have certain items at home or at your shop, which are extremely valuable, and you’re completely unaware of them. In such a scenario, you can reach out to a pawn broker and get your items valued and get money quickly and easily. 

Pawn stores usually offer a higher price for in-demand items like gold jewelry, precious gems, high-end watch, vintage machine, home appliances, and toys, among other items. They offer prices based on the current market value of the items. 

2. It’s a great way to get cash for valuable but unwanted items.

We all have some unwanted items that we keep just to preserve the family heritage. You may own your great grand father’s saxophone, which is of no use to you (as you don’t like music or don’t carry a music gene from your ancestors) and is simply gathering rust and dust in your store room. 

It’s better to discard such items and sell them to pawn stores that can further sell them to someone who is looking for such a great instrument. This is also a good way to earn some extra money. 

Pawn shops pay good money in exchange for such items. If you don’t have time or energy to visit a nearby pawn store, you can try selling items at online pawn shops. For this, you need to post pictures and write a detailed description of the item on the pawn shop website. 

3. You can get a loan easily.

Pawn shops provide instant loans, unlike banks which take several weeks to approve and process a personal loan. In exchange for a collateral loan, pawn shops demand high-value items like musical instruments and gold and silver jewelry.

  • Pawn stores do not check your credit score for providing pawn for cash services.
  • Even if you miss a deadline to pay your loan amount, it doesn’t affect your credit score. 
  • You get a pawnshop loan on the same day itself.
  • It saves you from paying high-interest rates on loans that you may have to pay if you decide to take a bank loan. 
  • You can get multiple loans from different pawn shops as long as you’re bringing a valuable item as collateral to their store. 
  • Items are secured and kept safely. 

                  So you can pawn diamonds or any other item and get a loan instantly. 

How to get the most money at a pawn store (whether pawning or selling)?

  • Research the item you want to sell or pawn.

You need to know details about the item that you’re taking to the pawn shop for selling or pawning. This includes knowing about the usage and the importance of the item. You need to find similar items available online or at other pawn shops and what price those shops are offering. This can help you in negotiating fairly with the pawn broker.

  • Keep your valuables in good condition.

If you want to earn good value for the items, then you need to maintain them in good condition. Clean the items properly before taking them to the pawn store. Your items need to be visually and functionally appealing to the broker. 

  • Be honest, and don’t try to fool the pawn brokers.

Don’t try to hide the flaws of your item as this can bring down your reputation in the market. You may even be charged with fraud case if you try to sell the same item in the market again. Be open and honest with the pawn brokers and convey to them what all repairs are required.

  • Bring all the documents along with the item.

It’s better to carry all the documents along with the item to prove its authenticity of the item. For instance, a certificate that claims the jewelry or a branded watch is real. 

How to choose a pawnshop for pawning or selling?

Here are some tips for choosing a pawnshop or pawn broker near you.

  • Look for a licensed pawn broker-

You must verify if the pawn broker holds the license, either from the local government or the national government. A licensed pawn broker will always provide you with fair and genuine services. Also, they follow the laws, rules, and regulations as set by the government or financial institution to ensure a legal transaction.

  • Look for a reputed pawn broker-

You should always check the pawn shop history or past records before taking your item to the pawn shop. You can read the testimonials on their website or directly interact with customers you know who have previously shopped or sold their items at the pawn shop.

  • Look for a pawn broker that is near you-

If the pawn shop is near your residence, you can interact with the pawn broker on a daily basis. This is especially useful if you have taken a loan from the pawnshop. 


For most people who are always confused about what to pawn, our above-mentioned list can help you take the most demanded items at the pawn store and get a hassle-free loan. Remember, not all pawn brokers are the same, and some are even fraudsters. So do proper research before going to a pawn shop. 



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